Itch-Eze Plus is a very effective, over the counter insect bite cream available in Queensland Pharmacies.

Itch-Eze Plus is the only product on the market that combines Lignocaine 5% and Tea Tree Oil 2% to stop the intense itching caused by insect bites, making it both very effective and unique.

It contains 5% Lignocaine and 2% Tea Tree Oil.

Lignocaine is a powerful local anaesthetic that quickly numbs the area to which it is applied, giving almost instant short-term relief from itching. Compared to nearest comparable product, Itch-Eze Plus contains 66% more Lignocaine.

Tea Tree Oil works 2 ways - it stops itching by breaking down the foreign protein in the bite - helping to stop the localised allergic reaction, and it acts as an antiseptic, preventing infection.